Diversity & Inclusion

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Removing Barriers So That Talent Can Shine

A key focus for Addleshaw Goddard is diversifying our trainee talent. To do this we have partnered with an external organisation to introduce contextual recruitment and accountability into our graduate hiring process.

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More Than A Grade

Contextual recruitment looks at the context of academic achievement, and identifies students who have surpassed expectations or performed excellently in conditions of adversity.

We have also removed our minimum A-level requirement to allow a more diverse pool of candidates to apply for training contracts at Addleshaw Goddard.

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Goodbye To Bias

Our external recruitment partner helps us to screen your application without personal information to ensure we do not allow bias of any kind to affect the process.

We are also increasing the training for everyone involved in the recruitment process to ensure that we select people based on their ability, potential and nothing else.

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Pleased To Meet You

We are attending law fairs and events (mostly virtually) so that we can meet you and tell you all about AG. This year, we will also be attending fairs and events that are focussed on diversity and inclusion to ensure we recruit from a more diverse pool of candidates.

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Addleshaw Goddard encourages and values diversity. We partner with Aspiring Solicitors in an effort to attract students from a variety of backgrounds. These include, but are not limited to, state educated, BAME, female and first generation students.
We also support Urban Lawyers, an organisation aiming to increase access to the profession within the BAME community.
We have worked with BPP for a number of years on their Legal Access Scheme. The scheme enables access to the profession to those from non-conventional backgrounds. Placements are offered in all our English offices and candidates who perform well are given the option of applying for a training contract with us at the end of the process.
In addition to the above, we work closely with our own Diversity & Inclusion team to support a number of other initiatives.


Inclusion Report

Becoming a more inclusive workforce is important to us at AG. We’ve worked very hard over the past year to improve our business and culture so that we can become a more inclusive workforce.
To learn more about what we’ve been doing in this space click here  to read our 2021 Inclusion Report.