An evolving practice geared for change

As a young and growing firm, we have the flexibility and ambition to establish new traditions. We want you to help us shape them. To ensure that we achieve our collective vision for the future, we’ve created a Trainee experience that’s out of the ordinary, focussing from start to finish on continuous, direct contact with experienced lawyers working on complex and challenging matters, across a broad landscape of practice areas.


It’s one thing to hear about our culture. It’s another to experience it for yourself.

With Easter and summer placements and open days at our UK offices, there are lots of opportunities on offer for you to discover what it’s like to be part of our organisation, first-hand.

Nominated in the “Best Vacation Scheme” category for three years running at the LawCareers.Net awards, on our placements you’ll sit alongside practising lawyers in different departments. You’ll also have the chance to go on court trips, conduct case studies and participate in workshops that will illuminate and cultivate the skills you’ll need as a Trainee lawyer.

GDL, LPC & Diploma

Creating clear paths to success through supportive relationships.

Our lawyers come from a variety of different backgrounds, each one bringing a fresh perspective that allows us to deliver all-round expertise across our many practise areas. So we welcome applications from non-Law students. We’ll guarantee you a place on an LPC course at BPP Law School on any of its campuses and cover the cost of your course fees. We will also pay fees for GDL and Diploma students in full on any campus.

As you study, we’ll support you with regular visits, workshops and courses to help round out your development. In addition to covering the full cost of your training we provide maintenance payments to help you whilst you study.

Training Contract

An exceptional career based on unique foundations

Taking four six-month seats over the divisions, throughout your time here you’ll receive training that’s shaped directly by your needs and interests, aimed at accelerating your legal and personal development in line with your specific aspirations. At the same time you’ll gain a deep, first-hand insight into the inner workings of an expanding and progressive global law firm.

Sitting alongside practising Lawyers, Trainees and Associates alike, during your contract you’ll be exposed to, and given responsibility for delivering, challenging work that will test and extend your knowledge and skills. Whilst you’ll be accountable for preserving and developing key business relationships, we’ll support you every step of the way. Because we’re set up to be an open, collaborative and business-focused firm, if you demonstrate the combination of initiative and capability we’re looking for, there are very few limits on how far, or how quickly, you can progress.


Seat programme

Find your own path

The four six-month seats you complete during your contract will give you a broad mix of different skills and training, as well as a unique, personal view on which area of the business you would ultimately like to qualify into.


Use our connections

Wherever and whenever possible, we encourage all of our Trainees to spend some time on secondment. In the UK, this could be with a range of clients, from FTSE 100 companies to large banks and retail businesses. Abroad, you may have the opportunity to spend some time in our offices in Asia or the GCC. In addition to this, as we expand our international network, some of our lawyers have also recently been seconded to organisations based in major cities including Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Mumbai.